Tapping into these 5 dimensions will take your healing journey beyond the surface

My Approach

My mentoring is based on the ancient Vedic Panchamaya  and Pancha Vayu, Holistic Model. A practical comprehensive road map to support the multidimensionality of the human being: body, breath/prâna, intellect, personality, and emotions.

Understanding the concept of Five Bodies or Five Dimensions


There is a conceptual difference between koshas and dimensions. In the Panchamaya model, the word ‘kosha’ is used as a way to explain the concept of us humans, being more than just our physical body. Others refers to it as “dimensions” when applying the concept of yoga as a holistic model of healing, self-discovery and self-realization.  

According to the yoga tradition, from denser to finer, we have five bodies: Annamaya (food body),  Pranamaya (energy body), Manomaya (mind body), Vijnanamaya  (wisdom body), and Anandamaya (bliss body). The late TKV Desikachar (1938-2016, yoga teacher and author) , explained maya as “something that is all-pervading” furthermore, disagreeing with the concept of kosha as something that separates or encapsulates which is the translation of kosha in relation to organs.

Desikachar sets his teachings apart from many commentators on the Taittirîya-Upanishad (one of the older philosophical-religious texts of Hinduism) adding that “this word is misleading, because it gives the impression that each dimension exists separately from the others.” 

The imagery often associated with the concept of kosha is the layers of an onion that may be peeled away from each other or the Russian nesting dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another.  READ MORE…


The Panchamaya Model

Our Five Dimensions

Pancha means “five” and maya indicates “something that is all-Pervading.”

The Panchamaya Model which presents human as multidimensional beings first appeared in written form around the 6th century BCE (about 2600 years ago) in the Taittirîya-Upanishad, a Vedic era Sanskrit text, embedded in the Yajurveda. These five dimensions are all present, all the time, in each part of the human system, even in each cell of the body. What happens on one level or dimension of the human system affects the others.

“Because each dimension is connected to the others so profoundly, it is possible to influence problems in one dimension by working on the other dimensions.” (T.K.V. Desikachar)





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